Dell’s M1730 Finally Launches

Top of the line components for a top of the line price.

Have you ever wanted to paraphrase Crocodile Dundee in relation to your gaming notebook? Well now you can because, trust me on this, that’s not a gaming notebook, this is a gaming notebook! The previously leaked Dell XPS M1730 is now officially official and available to buy on the Dell website. The long-ish wait hasn’t been in vain either because there is an ungodly amount of technology packed into the the – shall we say – interestingly styled chassis.

At the forefront of this high-end beast’s arsenal are two nVidia 8700M GTs in SLI packing 256MB of dedicated memory each, which I doubt I need to remind you is as good as it gets on the notebook front currently. Backing up the graphics is a choice of either a 2.2GHz T7500, 2.4GHz T7700 or, for a quite simply ludicrous premium, 2.8GHz X7900 overclockable to 3.2GHz.

Elsewhere there is a 17in LED backlit 1,920 x 1,200 monitor (a resolution which you might realistically be able to run in dual 8700s), 5.1 channel surround sound and more hard drive options than you can shake a stick at. On offer is a choice of 200GB, 7200rpm and 250GB 5400rpm conventional drives, in either Raid 0 or 1 setups as well as the option of a 64GB SSD – I’m in love.

Adding to all of this semi-standard fare technology is a less conventional addition, in the form of a mobile Ageia PhysX card, unfortunately this isn’t an optional bit of hardware – you’ll pay for it whether you want it or not – but if you’ve seen the videos of Unreal Tournament 3, you may well consider the inclusion a boon. Dell also allow the option of a Blu-ray drive, for extra future-proofing (unless HD DVD suddenly takes over as the winner) although as with SSD and the X7900, you’ll pay a fair premium.

The final string to the M1730’s bow is the addition of HSDPA, although while you may ask why anyone could want it on what is less of a laptop and more a portable desktop, the inclusion is a nice extra. Pricing for the M1730 starts at £1,899 and can quickly spiral upwards with a fully fitted system topping out at a little under £4,000. However, no matter how high the price, the fact remains that this is the most powerful notebook

Dell M1730 product page.