Dell Announces Redesigned Inspiron 13z And 14z

Dell has introduced two new laptops to its Inspiron range,

the 13z and 14z, which have taken some design hints from the recent XPS 15z but retained the budget pricing.

Inspiron models have long been seen as teenager-orientated

with their bubblegum-coloured and replaceable covers, chunky frame and budget

pricing. The bright covers and less-than-attractive design have been addressed

with the release of the Inspiron 13z and 14z, but the budget pricing has been


Dell Inspiron 14z

As well as being slimmed down, the plastic lids have been

replaced with an aluminium lid and palmrest which come in “diamond black” and

“fire red”. So while the new Inspirons wont rival the up-coming slew of ultrabooks in terms of

design, the improvements are most certainly welcome.

Dell Inspiron 14z

Inside, both the I13.3in Inspiron 13z and 14in Inspiron 14z, offer

similar configurations with the latest Core i3 and i5 processors, up to 8GB of

RAM, HDD (up to 500GB) or SSD (up to 128GB), USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0, 4G WiMAX and a HD webcam. There is no

discrete graphics option or the option to upgrade the display beyond the

standard 1366 x 768 display – but what do you expect from machines starting at


Both models are launching today with the 14z launching in

the US and “select geographic regions worldwide” while the 13z is launching

only in a number of countries in Asia. We have no word yet on UK pricing for the 14z as it hasn’t

appeared on the Dell UK website, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Source: Dell