Dell XPS M1730 Sighted

Giving the M1710 a much needed Santa Rosa makeover.

When Dell originally launched the XPS range of gaming machines, I will freely admit that I was sceptical. However, over time the brand has developed away from the Dell’s business oriented, cheap and cheerless image and established itself as a viable gaming brand, albeit an expensive one.

The latest update to the range brings a much-wanted Santa Rosa face-lift to the top-end XPS M1710 and renames it the M1730.

The makeover isn’t just superficial either, although that area has been worked upon, for better or worse. According to French site Les Delliens, who have supposedly been pretty reliable in the past, processor choices will now extend from a 2.0GHz T7300 to the much-awaited 2.6GHz, overclockable, X7800. Graphics will initially be provided by an nVidia 8600M GS, but we would expect this to be remedied in favour of a more powerful offering in the future.

Elsewhere the specs are equally high-end, with the option for up to 4GB of 667MHz DDR2 RAM, a Blu-ray drive and Draft-N wireless. The leak also suggests the option to specify either a 512MB or 1GB Turbo Memory module. The power adaptor is now supposedly rated up to 230W, possibly a portent of high-end components to come and weight is now up at almost 5Kg; ultra-portable this is not. We are waiting for some official word from Dell representatives regarding this leak but with a supposed launch date of August 27th we won’t have to wait long even if they won’t confirm or deny at this stage.

Les Delliens leak (Google translated from French)

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