Dell Unveils Wasabi Printer

Need a pocket sized photo printer?

Printers for the most part are, it has to be said, pretty boring. That Dell has managed to grab my attention with its latest – the Wasabi PZ310 Photo Printer – is fairly impressive, then. But from a company with Dell’s “grey box” reputation, a colourful pocket-sized printer isn’t the kind of product one would usually expect.

Nonetheless, that’s exactly what the Wasabi is; a 122mm x 75mm x 24mm wireless printer capable of holding 12 sheets of paper and weighing in at 225g with its battery. Connectivity comes in the form of Bluetooth and a PictBridge USB port making it a pretty capable companion to a compact camera or a mobile phone.

The Wasabi’s main selling point, aside form its size of course, is the use of Zero Ink paper, which as the name implies means the printer doesn’t require cartridges. Instead the paper itself is pigmented meaning the printer will never run dry. Although the paper isn’t the cheapest to purchase, so there is a trade-off to be made for the convenience.

No UK specific details as yet but, as per Dell custom, the printer should transition from the US site in due course.


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