Dell Shows Off Next Gen XPS Systems

Tasty, tasty and even more tasty.

Since Dell bought Alienware there has been much speculation from many learned critics that the XPS brand didn’t have long for this world. I, on the other hand, see it in a more cynical light whereby it enables Micky D to flog AMD kit without breaking his infamous agreement with Intel and certainly ogling the sneak previews of its latest XPS-es they don’t look a fading force to me.


Perhaps most exciting is the XPS Mobile Concept PC which has being doing the rounds at E3. This 8.2Kg monster can be carried like a briefcase but once opened may be unfolded into a fully working prototype PC complete with 20.1in LCD, eight speaker surround sound and detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

Little is known about the specs inside but an Intel T2600 CPU is rumoured to be at its core and there will be support for dual hard drives as well as DVI output. Even in it briefcase arrangement I’m tempted to say this is still a trifle on the hefty side, but for the businessman who has it all (including an obedient pack horse?), who knows.


A little more down to earth are the new designs for the next generation XPS notebooks and desktops. We’re already previewed the first implementation of the notebook – dubbed the M1710 – here, but the heavily restyled desktop is a new one on us. An all new aluminium case design has been created to better dissipate heat and hopefully reduce system noise and curiously there will be a choice of seven LED colours (I quite like the red).

Dell doesn’t spill the beans on any hardware specs but to be honest it doesn’t take a member of Mensa to work out that it’ll be whatever is top of the line in each respective category come launch time. This latter detail Dell has also chosen to greedily keep a secret but its not a company to preview equipment a long time before release so I’m thinking it’ll rock up in the next month or so.

More eye candy at the link below.

Dell – The New XPS

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