Dell Re-enters Retail

Coming to a high street not near you.

What a strange last seven days for Michael Dell and his Intel loving, direct dealing multinational because the company‘s now selling AMD machines and is now set to appear on the high street.


Two 3,000sq foot monster stores are planned: one for the NorthPark Center in Dallas and the other in the Palisades Center in West Njack, New York. The former will open toward the end of summer, with the latter scheduled for what we English prefer to call Autumn. As for the decision itself, just one brief glance at the company’s artist impression above will reveal the motivation. After all, I’ve never seen so much white surrounding a Dell logo in my life.

Interestingly unlike inspirer Apple the Dell stores won’t carry any inventor, with customers instead encouraged to try a wide arrange of demonstration PCs then custom order their own model. Services will also be provided including the installation of new computers and the setting up of a network.

Looking deeper, the move isn’t quite the strategy 360 some publications would have you believe. For a start Dell already has numerous kiosks in malls around the States and for another, despite acting as a touch pad for potential customers – and boosting its image through the swanky architecture – the stores are essentially directing customers to order through its existing direct model. As for the addition of AMD processors, it is currently only Opterons being installed on high end servers and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future. For the home market it has already bought Alienware.

So the illusion of all change but no real change is complete. Customers have been once again alerted to the Dell brand and the company can certainly afford a few image boosting, money losing show stores. So nothing to see here minions, move along.

Dell UK

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