Dell Mini 10 Hits UK

Pricing, release date revealed.

We told you that Dell’s Mini 10 netbook would see a UK release not long after hitting the US site and, lo and behold, that launch is coming imminently. The 26th to be precise, according to today’s announcement – exactly the same day as in America.

We Brits will be paying form £299 – surprisingly close to the direct dollars to pounds conversion – up, dependant on spec. User customisable options include the size of hard drive, 120GB or 160GB, RAM options, 1GB or 2GB, and the addition of Draft-N to the extant 802.11b/g.

Other features, as you should probably know by now, include red, pink, blue, green, white and black colour options, the name-giving 10.1in, 1,024 x 576 pixel screen and a 92 per cent of ‘full sized’ keyboard. And, of course, there’s an HDMI output and a 6-cell battery good for, Dell says, 6.5 hours.

Dell promises more options later in the year, including Ubuntu – currently its XP or nothing – as the pre-installed OS, built-in GPS and HSDPA modules as well as ‘HD options’ – whatever that means.


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