Dell Launches Studio 14z

Cheap and definitely cheerful.

We’re quite endeared to Dell’s Studio range of laptops – the Studio 15, for example – so seeing another addition to the line-up, named the Studio 14z, is pleasing. It may be an update to the extant Studio 14, but that doesn’t mean it should overlooked.

The 14in display comes in two choices, with either a “720p” or “900p” display; translating, presumably, into 1,280 x 720 and 1,600 x 900 pixels respectively – the latter putting it at odds with the Sony Z-series (albeit at 0.9in larger diagonally). The Studio 14z is apparently Dell’s lightest Studio laptop, at 1.95kg and while hardly super-slim, it’s not exactly porky either measuring 20mm at the front and 30.9m at the rear. As a side effect there’s no internal optical drive, although external Blu-ray or DVD drives are available.

Inside the usual array of Core 2 Duo CPU options are present, with nVidia’s 9400M chipset coping with graphics duties; up to 5GB of RAM (an odd number for certain) can be specced and up to 500GB of hard drive capacity added. Battery life is claimed at 6 hours 46 mins with an optional 8-cell unit, suggesting the 6-cell module should offer in the region of 5 hours use.

The best new is that the range starts at a tasty $649 (~£400), although as ever bumping the spec takes that spiralling upwards. Hopefully we’ll be treated to the Studio 14z’s delights in the UK soon.

Dell Studio 14z.

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