Dell Latitude XT Details Leaked

Dishing the dirt on Dell's first foray in to the tablet PC arena.

In case you missed the news earlier in the year, Dell is planning to enter the Tablet PC market later this year with a system being called the XT. Until now we didn’t know anything more, but thanks to leaked details from French site LesDeLLiens (who brought us the scoop on the M1730), we now have some detailed specs and pictures to take a gander at.

Foremost and curiously, the XT will be based not on Santa Rosa, but on the ATI RS600ME/SB600. Graphics grunt is being provided by the Radeon Xpress 1250 chip, which is of course Vista Aero capable and the CPU is an Ultra Low Voltage Core 2 U7600, running at 1.2GHz – although upgrade options will be doubtless be available. Up to 3GB or DDR2 RAM can be added.

The panel is a 12.1in, 1,280 x 800 affair, with the option of upgrading to an LED backlight, as found on newer systems. Connectivity sounds good, with Draft-N wireless making the bill, alongside Bluetooth and three USB ports. Four-, six- and nine-cell batteries are available obviously compromising between size, weight and lifespan dependant on choice. Release is expected to be the ninth of November, so we shall have to wait and see just how the public take the latest combatant in the tablet PC arena.

Les DeLLiens.