MacBook Pro battery life put to shame by unexpected new rival

Dell’s new Latitude 2-in-1 laptop is setting new standards for battery life, with its new 7400 device promising 24-hours of juice.

Dell has announced the Latitude 7400 2-in-1 ahead of the CES 2019 tech show, which kicks off this weekend.¬†While much of the focus is likely to be on Dell’s XPS and Alienware gaming laptops at CES, the new Latitude has a chance to steal the show.

It has a MacBook style aluminium construction, but benefits from a 14-inch full HD touchscreen and a multi-position hinge that can be positioned as a tent or flat in tablet mode.

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Inside, the Latitude 7400 offers 8th-Gen Intel Core processors, while it can also be equipped with a solid 16GB of RAM. If you’re working on the go, there’s optional built-in LTE. There’s also plenty of storage options, maxing out any 1TB.

That 24-hours of battery life is aided by a Super Low Power technology within the display that will save on battery life whenever possible. Those opting for the Dell laptop will be able to expect double the estimated 10-hours MacBook Pro owners eek out of their premium laptop, which could be a critical factor for those choosing between the two.

In terms of ports, you’ll get way more options than you would with a MacBook. There’s two regular USB-A ports as well as a part of Type-C USB ports. There’s HDMI and SD card slots too.

Being a Latitude PC designed for use in offices, there’s support for the Windows Hello facial recognition log-on via the device’s webcam. When users walk away from the screen the display will automatically lock once again.

Unfortunately that MacBook Pro style construction and well-stacked spec sheet also correlates to a high price point. The laptop will be available from $1,599, starting next March.

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