Dell Finally Uses AMD Processors

After years, literally years, of speculation...

It was said Dell only bought Alienware to indirectly get its hands on AMD processors. Well, the truth may never be known but after today’s announcement tongues must be flapping.


In a predictably indirect way the first ever Dell machine to be fitted with an AMD CPU will be a high end Opteron based server. The result: an important statement, but cleverly away from mass media coverage (yours truly naturally excluded).

Ticking the final box, Dell CEO Kevin Rollins then downplayed realisation of one of the most hotly debated topics in the modern IT era by saying, “It’s a fairly small category in terms of units. We will still be launching this year a broad line of Intel products. We think we’ve got a winning combination of bringing great technology to all customers.” Thanks for nothing Kevin…

Perhaps most interesting in this minor betrayal is the role it could yet play in the epic AMD verses Intel case currently raging across the globe. The industry’s number two (but number one in terms of performance and value for money in the last few years) is accusing the chip giant of conducting anti-competitive behaviour.

Ironically, Dell’s move could well help defend Intel from these accusations which, in my opinion, would be a bad thing. After all, the first Intel dual core CPUs were right royally battered by AMD’s X2s and the latter – despite its smaller size – has been undercutting the industry leader for years.

Ultimately, at the end of the day I believe foremost in choice. The more options to the consumer the better. So potentially widening the range of the world’s largest PC supplier isn’t a bad start…

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