Dell Expands Design Studio

Even more snazzy artwork to choose from.

We’re generally more interested in adding new features to a laptop than making it look nice, but I do have a soft spot for Dell’s Studio designs. That makes the newly opened Design Studio a tempting place, with over 120 new artworks to choose from.

The covers are only available on the Studio 15 and Studio 17 notebooks, so it’s a good thing for Dell that at least one of them proved worthy of consideration. And if the aesthetic improvement doesn’t do it for you by itself, there is a selection (PRODUCT) RED designs which include a $20 donation to that charity.

In addition to the new designs, Dell has also launched a new interface for browsing though the available artwork. Nothing exciting, but it does make getting an impression of how the final notebook would look a bit easier and faster.

Dell promises that a global roll-out is on the cards and should happen soon. For the sake off all fashion conscious potential Dell clients, let’s hope that proves to be the case.

Dell Studio Range.