Dell Demonstrates Android-powered Mini 10v Netbook

Apparently "runs very nicely."

We’ve heard that many netbook manufacturers are planning to put Android on their netbooks, but Dell has gone a step further and proved that it’s testing “something called Android.”

In a video posted on the Direct2Dell Blog, Doug Anson, a Dell Technology Strategist, has three Mini 10vs running Dell’s vanilla Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix and, most interestingly, Android’s Cupcake build.

Anson emphasises that Dell has no “announced product plans,” but I for one think there might just be enough demand from users for Dell to make Android netbooks available. Who doesn’t want a “very nice, little, very small and very snappy little operating environment,” which “actually runs very nicely,” after all?

If you aren’t going to wait for Dell to (possibly) make Android available on retail Mini netbooks, you should at least have enough assurance now to consider porting Google’s OS yourself.


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