Dell Brings Linux Systems To Europe

We Europeans like Open Source too you know.

Hot on the heels of Lenovo’s decision to ship ‘T’ series ThinkPads with SUSE Linux, Dell has announced that its range of Ubuntu fitted systems are available to buy in the UK, France and Germany as of today.

For those of you who want a quick history lesson; the decision to add a Linux option to Dell’s lineup came from its Idea Storm site, which in an enables the general public to suggest what Dell sells. Around 30,000 people originally requested a Linux operating system option on Dell systems, and more than 100,000 voiced their opinions as to which flavour should be installed.

The systems in question are the Inspiron 6400n and 530n and it is version 7.04 of Ubuntu that will be pre-installed. Also bundled are a basic word processor, spreadsheet creation software, web browser and e-mail client. We haven’t been able to get confirmation from Dell exactly who is providing these, but will update you as soon as we can.

Ubuntu is pretty much the most popular Linux install for rookies going and offers a great deal of the functionality found in Vista, without the Ow. Not to mention that you’ll get your system cheaper than the equivalent Windows machine, as you don’t have to pay a license fee.

If you’re only using your computer for basic functions such as e-mail, writing letters and perhaps watching the occasional film, it’s hard to suggest spending money on Windows when you just don’t need it. For this reason then, we offer much kudos to Dell for taking the leap and bringing Linux to the UK market.

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