Dell All-In-One PC Details, Pics Leaked

It isn't just Apple that can make gorgeous looking PCs.

It must be nice to have enough free time to wile away the day trawling the FCC’s database looking for interesting snippets of new product information. Well, apparently the guys over at Engadget have been doing just that and uncovered a rather snazzy looking all-in-one system from Dell. As yet unannounced the system is called the Dell XPS One and looks to share a lot in common with the Gateway we recently saw launched under a similar name.

Clearly Dell is hoping to steal some market share in the iMac-alike arena and if the looks of the machine are anything to go by, it should be set to do that pretty well. Specs wise the system has a 22in, 1,680 x 1,050 panel, offers a range of Core 2 processors and graphics come courtesy of an AMD Mobility 2400 chip. Up to 4GB of RAM can be installed, Draft-N Wi-Fi is packed in and interestingly one of the (very few) complaints we had with the iMac is addressed, as Dell will be offering the option of a slot-loading Blu-ray drive.

Further features include Bluetooth and a proprietary port for a TV tuner breakout box. All told this should make the XPS One a formidable multimedia PC. It even has a set of buttons running up the side of the screen to allow control of any multimedia application you happen to run. Oddly enough given the stage of development that the XPS One is at, no pricing or release dates are available, but knowing Dell there should be a decent range of options to suit most customers and budgets.

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