Deal: HTC 10 smartphone in Glacier Silver for just £399

Been holding out for a new smartphone? Well HTC’s 2016 flagship – the HTC 10 – is now retailing at just £399.

That’s a saving of £100, down from the usual price of £499 at Sainsbury’s Phone Shop. We’ve been able to find the phone for a little cheaper at some unknown retailers, but Sainsbury’s is offering the best price amongst reputable sellers. At Amazon, for instance, the handset is still selling well above £450, and even as high as £475 if you want the Glacier Silver model.

The HTC 10 features a 5.2-inch quad-HD display, Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a USB-C charger, and a sizeable 3,000mAh battery. You also get the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, as well as a 12-UltraPixel primary camera combined with a 5-UltraPixel selfie camera, both of which feature optical image stabilisation for reduced photo blur.

Buy Now: HTC 10 in Glacier Silver at Sainsbury’s for £399

We gave the HTC 10 a 4.5/5 score, praising the handset’s iconic design, fantastic Android build, great audio quality, awesome selfie camera, and its really fast charging. Here’s our verdict:

“It might not be the best in every area, but it’s strong in pretty much all of them. While the Galaxy S7 might sacrifice audio quality and the LG G5 does the same with build quality, the HTC 10 doesn’t really sacrifice in any area.”

HTC 10

Buy Now: HTC 10 in Glacier Silver at Sainsbury’s for £399

On Amazon, the HTC 10 has a 4.5/5 score based on 66 user reviews. Users wrote:

“They’ve quietly created that brilliant smartphone I’ve been waiting for. It has all the latest tech you’d expect to see in a flagship, and none of those gimmicky features you try once and forget about. Great job HTC!”

“I am very happy with my purchase. It’s like every other HTC I have owned with a few differences. I especially like the camera. The phone isn’t bulky, and it’s just as lovely as the others with their metal backs.”

“Have had this phone for five months and can honestly say it’s the most complete phone I’ve ever wanted. It feels and looks very well made and has an understated, stealthy look about it. The screen is superb, browsing and using apps are super quick, which has been commented on by friends with iPhones. Since buying it, I’ve been up[dated to Android Nougat, which HTC have not meddled with very much, with basically no bloatware on the phone.”

Buy Now: HTC 10 in Glacier Silver at Sainsbury’s for £399

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