Deal: Get Roku 3 HD streamer for just £49 – save £20

On the hunt for a better way to watch TV? The Roku 3 HD digital media streamer could be the perfect choice.

Fortunately, Tesco has knocked £20 off the price of the Roku 3, bringing the price down from £69 to just £49.

The Roku 3 plugs into the back of your TV and gives you access to over 2,000 “channels” – basically, on-demand TV apps. What’s great about Roku is that the box has a great selection of apps, including popular ones like Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, All 4, and more.

You’ll also get a handy remote control, plus a pair of headphones that plug into the remote for solo viewing.

Buy Now: Roku 3 HD streamer at Tesco for £49 – save £20

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We gave the Roku 3 a 4/5 score in our review, praising the player’s great interface, huge range of apps, fast and responsive UI, and small, neat design. Here’s our verdict:

“The Roku 3 is my favourite way to watch TV and, pending a miracle, will remain so until I can get my scone-fondling British mitts on a Roku 4.”

It’s also worth noting that we gave the Roku such a high score despite its review price being a far higher £95 – so this latest deal is exceptionally good value.

Buy Now: Roku 3 HD streamer at Tesco for £49 – save £20

On Tesco, the Roku 3 streaming box has a 4.6/5 score based on 181 user reviews. Users wrote:

“I was looking for a streaming device that had all the channels I wanted, and this was only one of very few that had. Great fast processor too. Recommend.”

“Nice neat little device, easy to set up, giving plenty of options to increase channel choices. Remote control works well, and is clear and easy to use – would recommend.”

“Had this Roku 3 streaming box for around a month now, and have found it excellent for catching up with TV programmes that I couldn’t watch when first broadcast. I have found I’m more inclined to do this as it is connected to TV, the media I choose to watch everything on. Always something to watch especially in the wee small hours!”

Buy Now: Roku 3 HD streamer at Tesco for £49 – save £20

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