Deal: Get Doom (2016) on PC for just £10.99

We’ve not been shy about our love for the 2016 Doom remake, so we’re happy to recommend this stellar deal.

CDKeys is selling Steam keys for Doom (2016) at an incredibly low price of £10.99. That’s far below the recommended retail price of £39.99, and exceptionally good value for a relatively recent (and still very impressive) game.

Doom (2016) is a reworking of the original title, placing the character on Mars where, to our demon-blasting glee, someone has opened a doorway to Hell. It’s your job to take out an entire demonic army and, in true Doom fashion, you’ll be doing it using huge guns, chainsaws, and your heavily armoured knuckles.

Buy Now: Save £29 on Doom at CDKeys – now just £10.99

We gave Doom (2016) a 4/5 score in our review, praising the game’s unremitting demon-slaughter action, brilliant Glory Kill mechanics, wide variety of Doom enemies and weapons, and solid multiplayer. Here’s our verdict:

“This is the Doom you’ve been waiting for, packed with gruesome, unrelenting action, gore, and one of the finest monster menageries in gaming. The reliance on staged arena battles makes for a slightly repetitive campaign, but it’s enormous fun in its own brutal way. Throw in a set of solid multiplayer modes and the intriguing SnapMap option, and you have a Doom that’s good enough to restore your faith.”

Buy Now: Save £29 on Doom at CDKeys – now just £10.99

On CDKeys, Doom has a 5/5 score based on 99 user reviews. Users wrote:

“A great game with a great soundtrack. My game key was delivered to me in a timely manner.”

“If you have the power to run this game with all settings maxed out like I do, your eyes are gonna melt and your mind is gonna be blown. The graphics are absolutely amazing. The single player campaign is awesome.”

“It’s a must-have for every Doom fan. The single-player is very much fun and the multiplayer can be interesting if you’ve finished the storyline.”

Buy Now: Save £29 on Doom at CDKeys – now just £10.99

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