Deal: Get Battlefield 1 on PS4 for just £27.99 at Amazon

Attention, PlayStation 4 owners! We’ve got a cracking discount on a brilliant game just for you.

Amazon UK has discounted Battlefield 1 for PlayStation 4, bringing the price down to £27.99. The game has varied in price from its release, but this is the cheapest price we can find it for online right now.

Battlefield 1 is a shooter game set during World War 1, and takes players through a series of set-piece stories that focus on several different characters. This unique campaign approach pairs with a highly regarded multiplayer experience that’s seen the game awarded with rave reviews across the board.

Buy Now: Battlefield 1 (PS4) at Amazon UK for £27.99

We gave Battlefield 1 a solid 4.5/5 score in our review, praising the game’s incredible campaign, comprehensive and compelling multiplayer, excellent action and pacing, and gorgeous graphics. Here’s our verdict:

“DICE has put together a superlative campaign experience. The decision to create a mini-series following multiple soldiers is brilliant, and something that other games should follow in the future, as there wasn’t a single moment of filler.”

Our verdict continued: “Long load screens, overbearing hints and other minor quibbles aside, this is undoubtedly the best campaign DICE has ever produced, and the best single-player war experience we’ve seen in almost a decade.”

Buy Now: Battlefield 1 (PS4) at Amazon UK for £27.99

On Amazon, Battlefield 1 has a 4.5/5 score based on 789 user reviews – a decent sample size for Amazon. Users wrote:

“I love this game, one of the best ones I have. Graphics are good, concept is good. Great idea and executed really well.”

“Great game. I’ve never liked Battlefield games but I was advised to try this one, and it was far from disappointing.”

“Moved to Battlefield after years of being disillusioned with COD and have to say what a pleasant surprise. Guess I’ll be looking at the other games in the series as well.”

Buy Now: Battlefield 1 (PS4) at Amazon UK for £27.99

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