Dark Souls 3 glitch hits a bum note

Dark Souls 3 players have discovered a cheeky glitch.

While wearing a robe and performing the “bow and squat” animation, your character’s backside will peek through the clothing and be in full-view of the screen.

In a game that already boasts a glorious full moon, it’s funny to see your carefully crafted warrior produce one of his or her own. With the game still set to launch in the West, there’s a good chance this bug will be patched soon – although I really hope it isn’t.

Twitter users have been very eager to show off their buns of steel, and I’m sure they won’t be the first to exploit this glitch:




Dark Souls 3 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 12 April. To help you prepare, check out TrustedReviews’ character class guide and beginner’s tips and tricks.

Via Kotaku