Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf speakers unveiled – a snip at £3750

Dali isn’t known for its accessible low-cost speakers, but the Dali Epicon range just got its most accessible entry yet. The Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf speakers will seem eye-wateringly expensive to most, at £3,750 a pair, but they are certainly a lot easier to fit in the living room than an £8k pair of Epicon 6 floorstanders.

What you get for you cash is a stunning-looking pair of speakers clad in curved real wood veneer of grain that has been carefully matched between the two speakers. The Dali Epicon 2 come in black, Walnut and Ruby Madagascar finishes. In Dali tradition, they look far more striking than the average, with curved sides and a sloped top to distance themselves from the stereotypical boxy look of Hi-Fi gear.

Just as important, of course, is what’s going on underneath the high-gloss outer shell. The Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf speakers use a Linear Drive Magnet System designed to minimise distortion – as Dali says, “to ensure that the listener hears exactly what is on the recording –nothing more, nothing less.”Dali Epicon 2Dali Epicon 2

The Dali Epicon 2 are 2-way speakers, equipped with a 6.5in wood fibre (i.e. paper) mid-range driver and a 29mm fabric tweeter. The cabinet that houses, and separates, them is constructed from 6-ply MDF, resulting is a pretty sturdy 10.3kg weight.

Delving a little further into the specs, the Dali Epicon 2 offer a claimed frequency range of 47-30,000Hz and 4Ohm impedance. Their connectors are gold-plated aluminium, and naturally allow for bi-wiring. Dali says that they’re recommended for use with amps of 30-200W power.

At £3,750, the Dali Epicon 2 are out of the reach of most of us, but if you do come into a small fortune, they’re some of the most eye-catching speakers in their class. And, standing under 40cm high, you shouldn’t have to re-arrange the furniture too much to find them a home.

What do you think? A design worthy of the Dali name, or a bit gaudy for your taste? Let us know in the comments. 

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