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Dabby gathers your Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus subscriptions in one place

A new gadget called Dabby has just been revealed  – and it promises to put an end to your endless streaming woes.

More and more streaming companies are spewing out more and more content than ever, and it’s making it much harder to keep track of your favourite shows as they hop between different providers. Enter Dabby, which wants to help streamline those subscriptions for you.

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The device itself looks like a thick tablet, and it connects to your TV via dongle.

Using Dabby, you can search for shows and films from one place, rather than wading through lists on specific streaming services. You will, of course, still need to subscribe to services like Netflix and Prime to have access to the content, but if a show is covered by one of your subscriptions then Dabby will find it for you.

Better still, you can also search for videos by giving vague descriptions. For example, if you ask it to play the clip from Come Dine with Me where a man puts an entire whisk inside his mouth, Dabby should – in theory – search the web for the right episode and play it on your screen.

It also allows you to search for broad genres, such as horror or comedy, and pulls up a list of suggestions catered to your tastes.

The Dabby setup means that users will have a second screen, which creates a few interesting possibilities. If you’re watching Instagram videos, you can have the main action playing on your TV while the comments sit on the Dabby screen. You can also co-watch a show or film with another Dabby owner via video call.

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Throw in voice control and the ability to automatically switch between different TV screens and Dabby sounds like quite a stylish piece of kit. But here’s the catch – it’s expensive.  At the moment it costs $349, which seems like a lot for a gadget that just tidies up your messy streaming services.