D-Link First to Add CAPTCHA Protection to Routers

Trojans meet their match, even if the technology is all Greek (Geek?) to me.

Before we all finish off this Friday to partake in whatever reckless irresponsibility is planned, a note of sensibility…

D-Link has become the first company to add ‘CAPTCHA’ to its home routers, providing an extra level of security. For the uninitiated, CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart – really!) is a challenge response test that ensures that a response is not computer-generated and instead entered by human hand.

In short: it’s a great addition to reduce the threat from automated attacks such as Trojan horses that are downloaded unknowingly by Internet users. Tojans, if successful, can attack routers and alter their DNS records to divert all malicious traffic through a target network.

The CAPTCHA feature is immediately available on the wacky DIR-685 Wireless N Storage Router (pictured) while the DIR-615, DIR-635, DIR-655, DIR-825 and DIR-855 will soon have firmware updates available.

Expect rival companies to follow D-Link’s lead on this, though it’s always rather nice to be first…

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