CyanogenMod Founder Hired By Samsung

The way courting

seems to work in the technology world is that you give a group of modders a

couple of free phones and then poach their leader.

Earlier this

summer, Samsung sent a number of free units of its high-end Galaxy S II handsets to the CyanogenMod group to have a play with before they went on general release. CyanogenMod is one of the

popular ROM packages for Android devices for those interested in getting the most out of their Android handsets. Now though, founder Steve Kondik, (@Cyanogen), has announced on his Facebook page that he has been hired as a

mobile software engineer by Samsung.

 Samsung touchWiz CyanognenMod

The TouchWiz UI which could be set to change following Steve Kondik’s move to Samsung

In terms of the Android ecosystem, this news will be as important for those interested in

modification of Android devices as the news that Google bid billion for Motorola yesterday. People immediately commented on Kondik’s page

asking him what it would mean for the CyanogenMod project. Kondik replied that

he will continue to work on it as a side project, while working separately for


Of more importance is what the move could mean for Samsung with it’s TouchWiz user interface the most likely to see an improvement as a

result of Samsung’s latest acquisition.

With over 500,000 people having downloaded CyanogenMod on

almost 30 various devices from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG, this move could

have a major effect in the modding community but it will remain to be seen how

much of an influence Kondik will have once he begins his new job with Samsung.