Creative Speakers Need No Subwoofer

They're totally addicted to bass.

Subwoofers have earned a rather unjustified tag for being cool. Friends will ask, “Does your setup have a sub?” and frown if you say no. Yet, in an ideal world, who really wants that bulky extra box in their living room? Well, a solution may now be in sight.


The Gigaworks T20 2.0 speaker system from (uber-prolific) Creative boasts the ability to thump out thick beats without the previously prerequisite sub ball and chain, but how for the sake of all things Spinal Tap does it work?

The answer is a combination of good old fashioned engineering and some savvy new technological jiggery-pokery. Sadly, Creative isn’t giving the game away entirely, just saying that the result comes from a combination of high end dome tweeters and top notch mid-range cone drivers which work in conjunction with the company’s BasXPort technology (the real Paul Daniels in all of this).

As for raw tech specs, you’ll get 14W RMS from each channel and a frequency response of 50MHz to 20kHz on top of them looking rather purrrty. We can’t vouch at this stage whether they do indeed produce a cracking rendition of The Prodigy’s Greatest Hits, but I’m sure we’ll be hitting them with something heavier than Keane when the time comes…

An SRP of £79.99 has been set and this intriguing addition to the Creative’s already extensive line up is out now.

Creative UK