Creative Brings TravelSound To iPod Shuffle

Advertises it in incredibly dangerous ways.

At first it was all: we hate iPod, what’s this shuffle rubbish, and Zen forever; but it’s amazing what a little patent resolution can achieve…

Consequently $100 million from Apple later, Creative has come up with its first portable shuffle speaker dock, the ‘TravelSound i50’.

Somewhat resembling a case for your specs, this 2nd Gen only compatible dock neatly connects to your shuffle and, when charged over USB, cleverly replenishes both the speakers’ internal battery (good for 15 hours) and that of the shuffle itself.

At 128 x 47 x 15mm and 85 grams the i50 is also particularly portable, though if you are stupid enough to encourage every mugger within 100 miles by copying Creative’s lifestyle press picture you deserve a jolly good kicking.

Creative plans to charge around £35 for the i50 in Japan which is likely to mean £40ish in the UK and – provided you don’t use it on the move as some sort of limp satchel ghetto blaster it should serve you well when it arrives in the UK in the next few months.

Creative UK

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