Corsair Gets Serious With 256GB SSD

With Samsung's latest controller running the show this could be one to watch out for.

The prices are getting lower, the capacities are getting higher – but perhaps most importantly: the controllers are getting ”better”…

Consequently we’re delighted not only to see Corsair finally making a really decent stab at the Solid State Drive market but picking the much lauded Samsung Controller IC to put behind it.

The resulting SSD is the ‘P256’ a – you guessed it – 256GB drive which uses Samsung MLC flash memory and its swanky controller combined with 128MB cache memory and Native Command Queuing (NCQ) support. The consequence should hopefully be a drive which lives up to the theoretical 220MBps/200MBps read/write speeds touted with some blistering real world performance.

Corsair also claims the drive should prove one of the most compatible SSDs around thanks to the extensive validation of the Samsung controller and flash memory technology in multiple OEM systems.

Corsair remains coy about the cost of the P256 (probably because we can’t afford it) but should the price point moisten our tingly bits then it could well have a major say in this exciting new market. We shouldn’t have to wait long for an answer with the P256 being made immediately available to Corsair authorised distributors and resellers worldwide and it comes with a two year warranty.

If the P256 lives up to billing then cheaper 128GB, 64GB and – for netbooks – 32GB models please Corsair. There’s a good boy.

”’Update:”’ is now listing the P256 for £569.99 (including free delivery!), so no you can’t afford it. 128GB, 64GB and 32GB versions still requested, however!