Core 2 Duos Coming Soon

Less than two months until AMD loses its performance crown?

Just three few weeks after Intel announced its Core 2 Duo processors a release date has appeared: 23 July.


Predictably, it is The Inquirer which has used its unhealthy obsession with all things CPU and graphics card related to somehow squeeze this date out of a well rung insider but remember the unpredictability of yields means it could easily change.

What is important about the news, however, is that it provides a time frame for when we can expect to see Intel’s latest and greatest and it could be a telling time for the chip giant since reports are surfacing that this will be the company’s comeback chip. In fact, unofficial testing around the web claims the Core 2 Duo range will spank AMD’s newbies right across the board, but we’ll have to let our very own Spode get its disconcertingly sweaty palms on them first to be sure.

More concrete are the individual details of the processors themselves. In the initial batch we’ll see the E6300, 6400, 6600, 6700 and X6800 which will be clocked at 1.86GHz, 2.16GHz, 2.39GHz, 2.67GHz and 2.93GHz respectively. The first two will be equipped with 2MB of L2 cache, the rest with 4MB.

So could we be about to see Intel regain its performance crown for the first time in eons? In a way I hope so, because a competitive market is best for everyone and I’m a fickle turncoat who will back whoever presents me with the best bang for my buck.

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