Console modder creates Playbox – an Xbox One and PS4 hybrid laptop

If you still can’t decide between an Xbox One and a Sony PS4, one bright spark has created the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Console tinkerer extraordinaire Eddie Zarick has created the Playbox, a Frankenstein’s monster-like (although must sleeker looking to be fair) contraption with combines both next-gen consoles sitting inside a giant laptop.

The Playbox, which features a full PS4 console on the left and an Xbox One on the right, has a 22-inch, full HD 1080p display with built in optical drives and speakers.

Zarick has managed to decant the contents of both consoles and managed to fit the components into a reasonably-sized box, which is quite the feat given the hulking size of the next-gen consoles.

It is powered by a single cable and features a button for switching between the consoles; although they cannot run simultaneously due to fears of overheating.

The custom-ordered prototype was built for a single customer, but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if Zarick began building more and shipping them off to console lovers who want the PS4 and Xbox One experience wherever they roam.

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The engineer already sells his custom-made Xbook One laptops for $1,500 and Playbook 4 laptops for $1,400, while he’ll do it cheaper if users supply their own consoles for the conversion. In the past he also built the Xbook Duo, which combined an original Xbox and a 360 in single laptop.

You can check out the Playbox in the YouTube demonstration below.