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Connected Cycle Pedals make your ride into a smart bike

You don’t need to buy a new bike to add some smart skills to your ride. This smart pedal will do the job just fine.

It’s called Connected Cycle Pedals, and it prevents your bike from being stolen and records your rides. It fits any bike or e-bike, is simple to install and syncs to your Android or iOS phone using an app. Though it also has its own internet connection, so you don’t need your smartphone with you. A data plan is included in the price, so once you’ve shelled out the upfront cost, there’s nothing to pay ever again.

Once you pull over, you can review your ride, seeing how many calories you’ve burned, distance travelled, speed, incline and more.

If someone so much as touches your bike, the pedal sends you a notification, so you know it’s on the move. Thanks to the in-built GPS, you can track your bike down by following it on your phone.

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Cleverly, it powers itself as it moves, so you don’t have to charge it up or worry about it running out of battery.

It comes in five colours – black, red, green, blue and yellow. It works in the European Union (so here in Blighty), USA, Switzerland, Russia, China and Israel. Some networks don’t support it in certain countries, so check the FAQ. The firm is working on expanding coverage, so hopefully it’ll come to more countries soon.

It’s passed its funding goal on Indiegogo and will ship in December.