Colour co-ordinate your kitchen with Tefal’s new MaisonBreakfast range

Tefal has announced a colourful new range of kettles and toasters designed by the acclaimed Seymourpowell studio.

The new MaisonBreakfast range offers kettles and toasts arrives with oatmeal grey, pomegranate red, sage green and charcoal black effects.

The pair have been working together for over 30 years and this latest range is designed to offer a 1950s feel “with retro iconic touches and a brushed stainless steel finish.”

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Those still mourning Britain’s exit from the EU may be able to take solace in “Tefal’s French roots” which bring a “quintessentially British mood into our homes.”

The open handle kettle has the capacity to make 7 cups of tea, while the toaster has four angled slots, making it easier to remove stubborn tea cakes.

Both the kettle and toast are available now from £50.