Clarkson Joins TomTom To Guide You Home

TomTom has announced yet another celebrity voice to add to

its cannon, with the addition of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson is certainly a Marmite figure with as many people

loving him as loathing him. On the back of the success of the Top Gear

programme on the BBC however he has been recruited to become the latest

celebrity to voice TomTom’s sat nav.

Among the other voices available to download to guide you to

your destination are Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dogg, Roger Moore and Homer Simpson

(or at least the author who gives him voice on The Simpsons).

Clarkson, who’s likely to tell motorists to perform a

hand-brake turn whenever possible, told The Sunday Times that it was “mostly

about the tone of voice I use.”

TomTom Jeremy Clarkson

Due to launch next month, the new voice package will also

feature an option to put it into Stig mode – the famously mute racing car

driver who tests all the motors on the Top Gear show. “You can put it in Stig

mode, apparently, which is when nothing happens. It doesn’t speak to you at all.

So you can either have Stig or me and personally, I would use the Stig most.”

Clarkson in the past has been a rather ardent critic of

in-built sat nav systems in cars, so this latest move signals a bit of a u-turn

for the presenter. In one outburst Clarkson said: “I still haven’t found a sat

nav that knows the M40 exists. All of them insist that London

and Oxford are

joined by the M4.”

The Clarkson option is set to be released next month and while

we don’t know exact pricing yet, going on past packages it should come in at around

£8-£10. You’ll be able to download it to devices like the TomTom Start 20, Go Live 825 and Go Live 1005.

Whatever your view of Clarkson, we still reckon he’ll have to

go some way to beat TrustedReviews’ favourite Brian Blessed.