Chromecast Audio now supports multi-room and hi-res audio

Google has issued a pair of notable updates for its Chromecast Audio dongle, which enables anyone to stream music to ‘dumb’ speakers.

The £30/£35 Wi-Fi adapter, which slots into a 3.5mm jack, now has the ability to group multiple Chromecasts together, enabling users to send audio to more than one speaker at a time.

The added functionality makes it easy for those with older speakers dotted around the place to create a multi-room set-up similar to a Sonos system.

“Setup is simple,” Product Manager Tomer Shekel wrote on the Chrome blog.

“Connect and setup a Chromecast Audio device for each of your speakers, then use the latest Chromecast app to create a group. You can cast to the group the exact same way you would cast to a single Chromecast device. Since anyone with a phone can easily cast without pairing, you can sync your home speakers together and invite your friends to be the DJ.”

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Elsewhere the Chromecast Audio device now supports hi-res audio support.

This means subscribing to Tidal’s hi-res streaming platform or have better-than-CD quality downloads can now send them to speakers with full support.

Chromecast support for Tidal is before CES 2016, according to a representative from Jay-Z’s streaming platform.

Today’s updates certainly make the Chromecast Audio an even more compelling device… especially in stocking filler season.

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