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Chrome 73 adds dark mode and PWA support for macOS

Chrome 73 is here, and with Google’s latest update, macOS users will finally have access to a dark mode.

Dark mode, not to be confused with night mode as it’s just a clean dark theme as opposed to the ‘true night’ mode that is becoming prized in design as OLED screens become more prominent.

However, for those using dark mode in many other places, including Facebook Messenger or the default — and slick — look for gaming chat app Discord, this could fit right in.

Chrome’s latest update will automatically switch to a darker mode, which looks somewhat similar to Google Chrome’s incognito mode, and should burn the eyes a little less when you’re browsing the internet late at night.

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To make the most of it you’ll need to be using macOS Mojave, and toggle into that OS’ dark mode. You can also toggle it in Chrome’s settings to be permanently on dark mode.

Windows users? There’s still a little bit to wait, although Google’s release note does mention that “support is on the way” meaning it should be coming to Windows machines at some point in the not too distant future.

There’s some other bits included too, as Chrome 73 adds support for Progressive Web Apps for MacOS, meaning that Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows all now support Progressive Web Apps. PWA’s use modern web kit to deliver an app-like experience to users, but they’re also indexed by search engines and accessible through a URL. Flipboard is a good example, and so is Uber. If you want a more fun example, why not try the 2048 game?

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Elsewhere, Chrome OS, macOS and Windows users are getting support for keyboard multimedia keys to allow them to control playback with their keyboards.

All in all, a fairly meaty update. But on the face of it, Chrome on macOS just got a whole lot darker.

Dark mode aficionado, or are you more excited about the multimedia playback or PWA support? Let us know on Twitter at @Trustedreviews