Cheap phones propel Samsung to record profits, but is Galaxy S4 demand waning?

The champagne corks are popping once again in Seoul as Samsung celebrates yet another quarter of record profits, with its mobile division continuing to make the headlines.


company has announced profits of $9.6 billion (£5.9bn) for the three

months ending September 2013, which is up 26 per cent from Q3 2012. If

you’re talking sales? Well the company sold $55.1 billion (£34.1bn) in

gear during the period.

Naturally, it’s smartphones and tablets

contributing the most to the bottom line, with profits of $6.7 billion

(£4.1bn) which was also up on the previous year.

However, it’s

the demand for the company’s lower-end, cheaper devices in emerging

markets that have pushed the profits up for Samsung rather than newer,

high-end devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

Despite the company touting sales of 40 million Galaxy S4 handsets in the first six months on sale, it is thought that the demand for the handset has fallen in the last couple of months.


also enjoyed a profitable period with its chip division which doubled

its profits from a year ago, adding $1.93 billion (£1.2bn) to the bottom

line. That amounts to the company’s best performance in that division

in the last three years, despite fears that the company’s massively

profitable relationship with Apple for iOS devices may be on the outs

following the endless legal battles between the two.

For now, at

least, the good times are continuing to roll at Samsung, as other

Android manufacturers and the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry struggle to

even break even.

The perceived decline in demand for its top end

smartphones is starting to sink in with investors and analysts and it

may not be all roses and sunshine this time next year.