Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C launching tomorrow

Apple will launch a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C tomorrow, according to one UK network provider.

It seems Apple is trying to market its plastic-bodied iPhone 5C to younger consumers and will introduce an 8GB model with a reduced price tag.

UK network provider O2 has revealed to TechRadar that the 8GB iPhone 5C model will arrive in the UK tomorrow.

Although pricing has yet to be confirmed, the device will be available in O2 stores at least from Tuesday March 18.

The iPhone 5C 8GB info was originally obtained via O2 documents out of Germany, which suggested the device would be around 60 euros cheaper than the 16GB model.

In the UK, the 16GB iPhone 5C retails for £469, while the 32GB is £549. If the conversion is accurately done, this means the 8GB model will be around £50 cheaper, making it retail for around £419 SIM-free.

Rumour has it that the iPhone 5C isn’t selling quite as well as Apple would have liked.

Before the device was announced last September alongside the iPhone 5S, rumours suggested the 5C would be Apple’s first budget smartphone thanks to its plastic chassis.

However, it turned out that the iPhone 5C was basically the original iPhone 5 but with a new colourful, plastic body.

Apple’s potential move towards a more affordable handset comes at a point where other manufacturers are really pushing handsets for the cost conscious consumers.

Take a look at the Motorola Moto G for example, which retails for £129 SIM-free despite a solid set of specs and decent build quality.

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