Channel Flip Goes Live

Like technology? Like IPTV? Then you'll like this.

When former Editor-In-Chief Wil Harris left our sister publication bit-tech in the capable hands of Tim Smalley, many readers will have wondered just what his motives were. Well, all can now be revealed. Not content with the co-founding of one tech site, Wil has now launched his latest project, Channel Flip, so we thought we should give it a quick plug.

I’m sure I can’t be the only technology affectionado fed-up with the Dell Hour on QVC being the height of tech-related TV, or the only Joost user tired of endless Fifth Gear repeats. Channel Flip is offering a continuing series of programmes that can either be watched online or downloaded to your PMP, and provide the kind of TV that’s sorely lacking in the standard broadcasting sector.

The shows in question are as follows:

*Unwired – Wil’s personal show, dedicated to reviewing the latest tech toys and gadgets.

*Discus – Justin Gayner talks about the latest home video releases, ranging from DVD to Blu-ray to HD DVD.

*Play:Digital – Video games reviews and discussion from Katherine Fletcher.

New episodes are released thrice weekly and are around five minutes long, making them perfect for a quick watch before, or on the way to work. You can even subscribe to them via iTunes.

To quote Wil himself, “We’re super-chuffed to have gotten up and running, belting out some decent programmes. We think that being able to watch videos on your PC or iPod is a neat feature, and we really hope TrustedReviews readers get a kick out of our gadget reviews – who doesn’t like techno-porn?”

Our own Editor-in-Chief Riyad said, “Having worked with Wil, I’m aware that he’s a talented and hard working individual, and I fully expect Channel Flip to do well. Everyone at TrustedReviews and bit-tech wish him all the best with his new venture.”

We suggest you go check it out.

Channel Flip.