CES 2009: Dell Unveils Air Light Laptop & 2nd Gen Netbook

Gives 'Adamo' most cautious launch ever...

Word had been circulating about Adamo – Dell’s Lenovo X300 / MacBook Air rival – for some time and now it is official.

As expected, specs were a closely guarded secret but this is one crazy thin laptop with a 13in display, Envy 133-esque looks, a glossy display (let’s hope for a matt option), a trio of USB ports, eSATA and at last Dell has gotten with the programme and made a super tiny power adaptor.

We’d love to tell you more but Dell isn’t revealing a thing about this stunner – not even switching it on! So native resolution, chipset (surely Core 2 Duo plus nVidia GPU is likely), battery life and more remain a mystery. I can tell you after a sneaky chat that an SSD drive will be the primary storage option. Pics on the way.

Also drawing attention is the Inspiron Mini 10, the company’s latest netbook which boasts a 10in 16:9 1280 x 720 display, edge to edge keyboard which is 92 per cent full size and sports an integrated HSDPA, GPS, optional TV tuner and multi-touch and gesture control touchpad. Wireless n makes a welcome appearance too but pricing and availability are not being disclosed as yet. This one looks highly promising though and we’ve high hopes.