Ceramic White 40GB PS3 Hits Japan

Cheaper, crippled version gets a new lick of paint.

Hang on, isn’t white ”sooo” early noughties?

Think about it: iPods are no longer white, the Xbox 360 Elite is black, HDTVs are ‘piano black’, top of the line Macs are black, heck even the Slim and Lite PSP is black, so what gives Sony?

Screwing with my fashion karma is its decision to release a ‘ceramic white’ version of its crippled new 40GBer. Currently due only in Japan, it doesn’t come with that oh-so-appealing Dual Shock PS3 controller as the press photography speculates but rather all the exciting non-backwards compatibility, surrendered memory card ports and reduced USB slots for a new low ¥39,980 (about £170) price.

If you are keeping score, the 40GB PS3 retails for £299 in the UK – call it Sony exchange rates.

At this stage there has been no word from Sony as to whether the bleached PS3 will get a global release date, but I suspect it will – even if only in limited quantities. After all there are those who need a blanched console to match their white TV, white table and chairs, white sofa and white coffee table. Who are they? I don’t know, but if you do keep them away from me…

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