Celio Forgets Medication, Resurrects Foleo Concept

Badly thought out vapourware gets imitated. Why oh why...?

The Palm Foleo was a stupid idea. We knew and finally Palm even admitted it so what on earth possessed Celio to come up with this…?

The ‘REDFLY’ is little more than a Foleo v2.0 which performs the same (s)idiotic and unnecessary(/s) task of relaying smartphone information on its ultraportable-laptop-sized self. It all works via Bluetooth and poses exactly the same excessively logical questions:

1. Isn’t the entire point of a smartphone that you don’t have to trail something the size of a laptop with you?

2. If you ”are” going to trail something the size of a laptop with you, shouldn’t it be ”’a laptop”’?

Anyway, trying no doubt to garner sales from those poor deluded chaps who had their hearts set on the ridiculous Foleo, the REDFLY will sync with Palm devices. Conscious that there could be mentally disturbed admirers using other platforms however Celio has also made the device compatible with Windows Mobile based handsets too.

Sadly though this minor compatibility expansion pales into insignificance because Celio wants a barmy $499 (£250) for this Tesco Value notebook and for that money you’d be mad not to spend it on an Eee PC which is smaller, lighter and a proper working laptop!

So face it, you’ve been warned. If you’re still daft enough to want what is essentially the rehashing on a lambasted piece of vapourware then you only have yourselves to blame…

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