CeBIT 2007: E-TEN Launches HSDPA/GPS/VGA Smartphone

The magical missing ingredients.

E-TEN made quite an impression on us in November when it launched the X500 and M700 but both those devices lacked one important ingredient which is now on the menu: HSDPA.

With the svelte (113.5 x 60.5 x 15.8mm) ‘X800’ the company has fixed this and also thrown in a terrific bonus: a 640 x 480 VGA screen. The integrated GPS of the X500 and M700 remains too and with a boost to the latest Windows Mobile 6 operating system this handset is ready push HTC all the way.

A Samsung 400MHz CPU makes the device will responsive in use while the 128MB of Flash ROM doubles the onboard storage potential. A 2MP camera with autofocus and VGAer for video calls enter the fray and connectivity is fantastic with the 3G capabilities backed up by both wireless b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR. Lastly, while a microSD slot was expected, the inclusion of an FM radio is pleasant surprise.

In fact, the only missing feature for me is the absence of a sliding Qwerty thumb board but E-TEN said it should debut a model later in the year to add this. Interestingly, the rather striking colour scheme has yet to be finalised. I’m a fan but apparently more corporate minded customers had remarked that it looked ‘too radical’. Pah!

The X800 will appear early in Q2 and I wonder if it might just be the device to net E-TEN that illusive network deal…

”’Note:”’ That is indeed a VGA screen, the font was just bumped up for the crowds.