CeBIT 2007: Commodore Gaming PCs

Commodore has returned!

Just before we headed out to CeBIT, word got to us that the Commodore brand was returning as a gaming PC outfit. We were intrigued to find out what this was all about so we paid Commodore a visit at CeBIT; this is what we saw.

The new enterprise, which will sell a range of fully specified PCs online and at retail, takes a unique approach to customisation with specially selected artwork on the case. As you can see from the pictures, it’s an eye catching feature if ever there were one.

Artwork is burned directly onto the case, with nary a sliver of sticky back plastic in sight. When making an order on the company’s website you simply select what artwork you want from the sizeable selection, and a PC will be delivered with that design and the PC you specified.

They’ll be four base systems in all, with all allowing for a degree of customisation according to what you want. Low end systems will ship with 7900 GS cards, while the top-end machine starts with a Core 2 Duo Quad Core and two top-end 8800 GTX cards. Every machine will be made with the best components, with branded memory and cooling systems.

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Currently the company has a deal with Ubisoft to provide branded designs, with GRAW 2 currently being used. There’s also a Supreme Commander case available, while there are plenty of other options too from grafiti designs, retro Commodore cases and many more.

Regrettably one can’t design your own case yet – due to copyright issues – but there’s the potential for competitions for designs for which the winners will go into production, with a fee paid to winning designers for their designs. No word on pricing just yet, but we’ll be getting these in as soon possible.