CBeebies iPlayer Launches

Kid-friendly catch-up TV.

Following in the vein of the CBBC iPlayer, the BBC has rolled out another child-friendly version of its web-based catch-up service: the CBeebies iPlayer. Targeted towards under-sixes, the site is designed as a ‘walled garden’ of the main iPlayer with a focus on visual, rather than text-based, navigation.

In the blog post announcing the new Cbeebies iPlayer, Marc Goodchild – Head of Interactive and On Demand, BBC Childrens – was stressed that “this is not designed as a baby-sitting service – it’s primarily a tool for parents and carers to have MORE control of their children’s viewing NOT less.” While the segregation of content that may not be appropriate for younger viewers is, of course, important, the main benefit of the CBeebies iPlayer is, like its full-fledged equivalent, to enable children to watch programmes when they wish to – or, more likely, when parents want or allow.

The site’s design is intended to assist children in developing their web literacy. I might not be the target audience (despite constant allegations to the contrary from my colleagues) but I still think the aesthetic is pretty appealing. Almost as much as the content, in fact!

CBeebies iPlayer.
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