Casio Mobile Rocks For Movies

Wider screen, higher res and lighter than a video iPod, plus you can use it to call your mum...

Casio used to be famous for making those dodgy monochrome screen watches that became a big hit in the 80s. In fact, I owned one of its most famous designs ever: the hallowed calculator version – complete with rubber buttons – and I spent many a boring car journey trying to beat its addictive number games (I was young, give me a break!). Still time races on and the company has successfully expanded its wings to make a number of swanky digital cameras and now its latest mobile phones are impressing as well.


Unsexily dubbed the W41CA, this tasty clamshell model is due for release in Japan any minute but is still awaiting the OK from stern looking Casio execs as to whether it will make the hop, skip and jump over here. I sincerely hope it does since it gives me that sweaty but pleasant tingling feeling I like so much…(um, *cough*).

Anyway, what really grabs me by the short and curlies about this model is its cracking 2.6in wide screen display. Least we forget this is bigger (and with a better aspect ratio) than the new iPods). The res is better too with Apple’s beloved offspring topping out at 320 x 240 and Casio pushing its little beauty to 400 x 240.

The W41CA isn’t a one card trick either, it also comes equipped with a 2.1 megapixel swivel camera, USB port, miniSD card slot, FM tuner, stereo speaker, 70MB of internal memory, Infrared and Bluetooth. At 103 x 49 x 22mm and 126g (30GB and 60GB iPods are 136g and 157g respectively and can you make calls on them? (Linkout: Not really)), this is one heck of a compact phone for the feature set.

Three colours will be available at launch: ho-hum silver, tacky orange and tasty black and I’ll be personally sending death threats to the Casio executive board until I have one snugly in my back pocket.

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