Case Maker Reveals iPhone 5 Secrets?

While Apple is renowned for keeping all new announcements

under its hat until it wants us to know about them, the same can’t be said for

those who make their living off those products.

iPhone case maker, Case Mate, is one such company and it has

given us a glimpse of what we should expect from the iPhone 5, which is due to

launch in the middle of October – with 15 October the favourite date

at the moment.

Case Mate briefly published renders of a number of new case

designs to fit the new iPhone revealing that the new handset will have a

thinner profile and a sloping aluminium back akin to the iPad2.

iPhone 5 case mate

The renders were soon withdrawn from the site and now you

will be redirected to a page for Apple’s new iPhone where the company joins in the speculation about

the up-coming refresh.

Interestingly the company itself seems to believe there will

be a double iPhone launch in October with an iPhone 4S joining the iPhone 5. This

is based on information from “inside sources” who claim the 4S will be the same

as the iPhone 4 but will the faster A5 chip and an upgraded 8 megapixel camera.

iPhone 5 case mate

The various renders all seem to point to a similar design for

the new iPhone and are in line with other rumours doing the rounds in the past few weeks. As always with Apple, however, we’ll have to wait until it is ready to announce the follow-up the hugely successful iPhone 4 before we’ll know for sure what the thing looks like.

Source: [linkout: PocketNow}