Carphone Warehouse Intros Nine Month Mobile Contracts

Bridging that 12 month and one month gap...

Find those 12 month grown up contracts a bit too scary but the emptiness and superficiality of no ties arrangements no longer as fulfilling as they once were (I may have drifted slightly off topic), then Carphone Warehouse has something for you…

Dubbed ‘Talkmobile’, it is a pay monthly service centred on a nine month contract though details of exact packages and available handsets have yet to be revealed.

Interestingly, all Talkmobile customers will find themselves riding on the back of Vodafone’s impressive UK network after Carphone Warehouse patched up relations with the telco after Vodafone pulled its contracts from the store last year (this will not change).

By contrast CW’s other offerings: ‘Fresh’ and ‘TalkTalk Mobile’ utilise T-Mobile’s rather more erratic (though frequently cheaper) network.

At the moment Talkmobile remains a wait-and-see deal, but if you’ve been hankering for a hook-up that lasts longer than one month but less than 12 months this should sate your smouldering desires (excuse me, I may have again drifted slightly off topic…).

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