Carphone Babe Leaks iPhone UK Networks

Today's purchase means a coincidence which may be too good to be true.

It has long been rumoured that the iPhone’s UK home will be shared between Vodafone and O2 and the Carphone Warehouse’s newest baby may just have spilt the beans… which was just snapped up today by the high street giant for an undisclosed amount has the web chattering after it put up a page offering pre-orders of the iPhone on either ”Vodafone” or ”O2” contracts.

Now we could be in one of two territories here, the first is that and Carphone Warehouse are simply trying to drum up publicity on the day of their deal, the other is that it is a genuine slip-up and the site has accidentally put up the fabled details. Sadly my head tells me the former (it’s just too much of a coincidence), while if it were a genuine mistake it shouldn’t still be live (which it is here).

That said, bogus or not, the ad does give significant insight into UK pricing for the uber-hyped handset suggesting a 12 month £35pm contact will leave the iPhone costing just £99.99 including delivery. Eat that my Yanky chums…

This one is sure to be solved out in the next 24 hours, so watch this space…

Link: iPhone Listing Get it while it’s hot!

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