Carlsberg Makes Probably The Best Gadget In The World

Forget megapixels, battery life and high definition, THIS is it...

Could there be anything better than watching your pint being pulled in the local pub? How about watching it get pulled at home…

Carlsberg has this week seemingly lived up to its own rhetoric having launched the ‘DraughtMaster’ – a self contained “home dispense unit (which) keeps the beer cool and ensures a freshly poured pint whenever you want”. This, combined with Saturday afternoon football, could well create Man Heaven.

The science, as much as you surely don’t care – but since we’re a tech site we need to mention it and since you’re getting to hear about beer you have to listen – is centred around the company’s one way keg system which keeps beer fresh for up to three weeks after first pour. Simply insert the pre-cooled keg, connect the beer tap and pour – no tubes, no pumps.

Seven years of (hugely worthwhile) research has gone into the DraughtMaster’s creation and Darran Britton, Marketing Director from Carlsberg, wisely tells women across the global that it would make ”'”the ideal Xmas gift and must have item for lovers of quality beer everywhere””’. Women ”write it down”.

Available this month, the DraughtMaster retails for £129.99 and comes with a chrome tap, drip tray and guide to pulling the perfect pint. Five litre kegs (roughly nine pints) of Carlsberg Export cost £13.99 each, that’s £1.55 a pint.

Sometimes the world is a happy place…

Carlsberg DraughtMaster