Canon’s New EOS M Camera Looks Like It’s Mirrorless

Product shots of Canon’s new interchangeable lens camera have leaked online, via Japanese website Digicame-info, which appears to have got it from a camera retailer.

All the signs are that this is the long-awaited first mirrorless ILC from the brand.

Its model name is Canon EOS M, and in the photo the body is shown with an EF-M 22mm f/2 STM pancake lens. It’s reasonable to assume that the M in EOS M and EF-M refer to mirrorless, especially given how thin the camera looks.

The MirrorlessRumors site speculates that with this new mount, Canon may

be “moving away from the in-between sensor size it used in the G1 X and

possibly towards full APS-C.”

The site also says that an

official Canon announcement is expected on July 23, so there isn’t long

to wait until we find out more.

Canon EOS M

Via MirrorlessRumors, CanonWatch and Digicame-info (Japanese)