Can you find Wally in this awesome ‘Where’s Waldo 360’ video?

In life, there are constants: we eat, we sleep, and we struggle to find Waldo.

You can now search for Waldo – or Wally in the UK – in virtual reality, courtesy of YouTube.

YouTube channel CorridorDigital has created a 360-degree video experience that lets you chase down the original stealthy stripester.

Check it out (and don’t forget to swivel the camera around):

If you found Waldo pretty easily, then you can try your hand at finding four more hidden characters:

  1. Mario
  2. Friendly Giant
  3. Dinky Wizard
  4. Professor Pizza

The entire video was shot on a GoPro camera mounted on a stand, and stiched using Kolor software.

There’s also a making-of video, which you can watch below:

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Did you find Wally/Waldo? Let us know in the comments.